Welcome Distraction

It all started out with making considerable
number of friends from both gender, the ones with
the most “go-along” characteristics and most
desirable traits suiting one’s personality…,
moved on to the classes and of course most of
them (new found friends) happened to be course
mates. Then the Gisting and Gossiping or would
we have it called “Discussion” begins, ranging
from Fashion, Game, Football talks, Examination
and tests, hottest rides in town, campus gists e.t.c
at this stage, it has been sub-consciously
implanted in each and every individual of this
intriguing discussion to try as much as possible
and fit into the category or seats of this ever
“bubbling” company whenever the opportunity
can be afforded which is mostly during the
lecture hour. The continuous company of newly
made and acquainted “friends” thereafter move
into a particular row or seat in class where
they’ll most probably occupy for the rest of the
session or at least throughout the duration of the
particular course that brings the “like-minds”
together as the case may be. Hey You! Answer my
question boomed the lecturer at the far end to the
front of the lecture hall, totally petrified, lost,
dumbfounded and with the look of utter
amazement mixed with the complete ignorance of
what the lecturer has been spitting all hour long,
a quick glance at the white board marker which
most definitely wasn’t in a very good state due to
scribbling of multi-colored markers and with
utter amazement, the words didn’t seem to give a
bit of clue to whatever has been going on in the
class. Another boom from the lecturer Young Man!
didn’t you hear me? Answer the question!… those
words were just enough to jerk me back to reality
of my present situation, i don’t even know the
question asked talk less or more of having the
faintest idea of what in the whole world the
answer would be but ever so softly, the inaudible
murmur of the “Committee of friends” suggested
the answer. Brain processing fast, face distorted,
temperature rising to the awareness that the
lecturer’s time is being wasted by a
backbencher… and in a swift moment, it came
crashing down like a pack of cards, it was all
there, the answers of course, whew! Alas, i did it,
the backbenchers have it as the senate would
say… a look of satisfaction on the Genetics
Professor’s face, i lowered my butt and resumed
the pending gist…


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