The 300 Series: Dante’s Wedding I

Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for visiting here again at my request, as part of my “not-more-than-400-words” challenge named THE 300 SERIES, I’ve decided to write a series (which I guess you’ll enjoy). I’ll be publishing two episodes each week, Mondays and Fridays. Please feel free to correct me in the comment section, thank you.

Dante’s Wedding I

Dante had checked three items already on his list which included finishing from the University with a good grade, Serving in a good industry/firm, Getting a good job and it remained the last on the list, Getting married and he was so happy at the thought of this, he had found the special one and his wedding in 2weeks, he couldn’t wait any longer to have her in his arms all day, every day. He only wished she felt the same way towards him as he did towards her. It was a burning love, he remembered when he met Aisha during the NYSC orientation camp, she had struck him as a very responsible girl on the surface and he was drawn into her beauty, he had to know more about the damsel. He steadily investigated her, choosing to use the word investigate in place of stalk because he couldn’t bear what she would think of him. He joined the drama group where she was just to get enough time with her, and luckily, they were paired in a role for the final drama night performance, he was so joyous at the thought of practicing with the Aisha that had been the reason for his sleepless insomniac nights, they hit things up later after the performance as he wasn’t bad looking either, exchanging contacts with a promise to call and check in on her, their love or rather his unprofessed love continued up until the point of Primary Place of Assignment posting, he was lucky, her PPA wasn’t far from his, it was a secondary school that was just 30minutes away from his PPA which was at the ministry, he was getting lucky. They met a few couple of times over drinks and invitations before he finally let the cat out. Aisha in her normal calmness pleaded to be given some time to think things through, she just got out of a rather fatal relationship some months back and wasn’t ready to put herself out there again, at least, not yet. Dante, although disappointed took it as a good sign and continued pursuing her love promising to make her his for marriage at any cost.
Two weeks passed and she finally replied him in a late night text message
“Dante, I have considered your proposal and thought at length about it, you’re the sweetest gentleman I’ve met, I like you But…” to be continued…


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