The 300 Series: Dante’s Wedding II

Dante’s Wedding II

“Dante, I have considered your proposal and thought at length about it, you’re the sweetest gentleman I’ve met, I like you But …”

his heart leaped and literally skipped a beat at this stage, he prayed for the grace to read the massage through before he fainted, he thought of what it’ll be like if she turned him down, unspeakable things he would do to himself if she did, he scrolled down with all the courage and read the last part of the message
“if you have to promise to treat me like the queen I am, then, I agree to your proposal.”
In extreme joy, Dante tossed his phone without care and burst into dance steps, no music but his heart played the harps and the butterflies made him float like a bubble in swift movements. That had to be the best sleep he’s had since setting his eyes on Aisha 5months ago. It was worth it, he said as he cuddled up with his pillow and slept sound.
They were another five months into the relationship and all was right with them and the world, the end of NYSC was in view and unknown to Aisha, he had started making plans for the introduction to his family, he had made sure to inform his siblings about her existence in his life and promised to show her up the coming December during the family get together. Two weeks after their Passing Out Parade [POP], Aisha let the bombshell out, she had waited this long to inform him of her travel plans to further her education at the Newcastle University, that night was the longest of his entire life, he thought and thought, rolled from side to side with no sleeping position proving to be the best. He had considered what long distance relationships could cause, what if she finds someone else, all these kept him up at night. He cried inside and wanted it all to be a dream. They continued the love game notwithstanding but 2months abroad informed Aisha’s decision to break things off. Dante died a little inside when he got the mail, cried his heart and eyes out, where was he to start from? Aisha wasn’t picking up calls to offer explanation that’ll give him closure, he felt his head spinning, dizzy, he fainted. to be continued…


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