The 300 Series: Dante’s Wedding III

Dante’s Wedding III

He was lucky enough to have the little girl whom he had sent to help get recharge card in a bid to call Aisha come in just the moment he dropped to the floor, she had screamed for help and his co-tenants had revived him, sprinkling water on him and everybody playing a part or the other to facilitate his recovery. He was taken to the nearest clinic where he was treated to ensure proper health and was put on bed rest under the watch of an auxiliary nurse who checked up on him periodically till it was morning and his Blood Pressure was considerably normal. He was checked out by a female Doctor, she had made sure to get his personal details so as to check up on him in her spare time. She had been with him just 5minutes and he already felt emotionally relieved.6months after his encounter with the Doctor, Faridah by name, they struck up a threaded love story, they were both woven that he wondered how he got over Aisha so fast to accommodate her love, she was a sweet and caring soul, gentle and loving too. Dante in the saying “once beaten twice shy” didn’t put all his eggs in her basket although he wasn’t cheating, but he had enough room to cater for any emotional lapses in case she decided to dump him at a later date. In another 5months, Faridah was introduced to his family and he to hers. It was a love from the firmaments, their friends envied the way they both understood and complimented each other. Introduction date was set and it had gone so well he wouldn’t have wished to change any aspect no matter how tiny it was and the elaborate wedding date was picked, they both couldn’t wait to formally legalize what was between them, Dante had at one point started picking out names of his children, deciding he wasn’t having more than 3, two boys and a girl, maybe. Three weeks after the introduction and some months before the proper wedding, he received a call from an unregistered number, turned out it was Aisha and she was back in the country, she wanted to meet up, the date and venue was fixed as he was clearly still surprised that she remembered him still, his first love Aisha had just called. to be continued…

I’ll Be Releasing The End Part To Dante’s Wedding Series On Dec. 25th As My Little Christmas Gift To You All. God Bless And Spare Our Lives. Merry Christmas In Advance. I Love You All.


2 thoughts on “The 300 Series: Dante’s Wedding III

  1. Heys seems you have some special reservations for muslim names & that keeps me wondering if Dante himself is an Hausa boy cos he’s always hooking up with Aisha, Farida & d likes…. but most imporatantly I don’t like the idea behind you keeping us in suspense & me can easily forget what happended in the previous series cos I gat a lot running in my mind & I won’t be able to merge them together when done….. Nice writeup bro


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