The 300 Series: Dante’s Wedding IV (Final)

Hi Everybody, thanks for following and encouraging me on this series, I truly love you all. Here’s my little christmas gift to y’all.

Dante’s Wedding IV

He had met Aisha on the day they both fixed and it was love at first sight all over again, he didn’t believe such river of love for Aisha was still there, he had figured it all dried up. He couldn’t harbor the thought of cheating on Faridah but certainly Aisha was worth every minute of justifiable cheating.They parted with a seemingly long hug, it appeared she still had something for him and so does he. Dante’s drive home was in total confusion, he was jerked constantly into reality by the cussing and cursing drivers on the road, it was Lagos afterall, he was uncharacteristically glad and pleased they constantly reminded him to focus on the road. He was too into Faridah to back down, he wasn’t going to be the bad one here, he would see it through with her and make her the mother of his kids. She hadn’t deserted him and selfishly pursued her life goal like Aisha had done not minding the effect it had on him. He made up more excuse in his mind to still the feeling that was brewing in him for Aisha.
And now it’s two weeks to the wedding, he was sure glad to be getting married after all he had gone through emotionally. Dante and Faridah had both gone shopping when they literally walked into Aisha, she was stunned as Dante hadn’t clearly informed her of Faridah and from the look on Faridah’s face, she was ignorant of Aisha’s existence too. He managed to get through with the most awkward introduction he had ever been in all his life, they were both shocked, re-union of the ex-lover and the wife-to-be wasn’t exactly what they both had on their schedule for the day, unexpectedly, Faridah wasn’t bothered as she had been introduced as wife-to-be to the other female whom she hadn’t taken too much interest in to have registered her name in her head. She had gone directly from shopping to her makeup artiste and to get her pre-wedding make over.
Four hours later, Dante was asleep when an annoying caller kept disturbing his phone, he reluctantly but in undisguised anger picked up the call only to be informed its from the hospital where Faridah had been admitted, fixing her eyelashes had gone bad, the glue had made its way into her eyes. He rushed over as fast as he could, even forgot to fix his zippers as one of the nurses had pointed out to him, he met the doctor who greeted him with the sad news, Faridah had lost one of her eyes, it was just some days to the wedding.

Merry Christmas People.


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