Hi everybody, since this is my first post for the year, I guess HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes are in order. Thanks for the support on THE 300 SERIES, I really appreciate the massive views and comments on and off the blog. God bless you all. And now to today’s business…




“Well only need the light when its burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know your love when you let her go…”

These lyrics won’t leave my head as I’m here in trance just before the decisive moment. I’m wondering what had just happened, how I had arrived at this knotted spot and what is to happen in the nearest future, the next micro-second probably…

It was the beginning of the first semester of my final year in school and I was still single, the pressure was mounting from everywhere, friends, hints here and there from my mum while I was on the break that preceded resumption, it was as if all I saw around the period was love birds here and there, I was determined to change my love story for good, shame my enemies and whoever was behind my singleness, the overall purpose was to attend my final year dinner program with someone special or something like that, at least if only for that day because the final year students’ dinner in my school was as a matter of fact, a big deal. In a bid to change my status, I paid more attention to the girls I came across in my daily life, but it wasn’t as if I found just the right person who caught my attention and second glance.

It was already mid-semester and yet every girl I met seemed to have one flaw or the other, I was already concluding I was going to die old and alone when I walked into my room that fateful evening, tired from the stress of a lecturer who begged to spend extra 30 minutes but turned out to be a two-hour long and threatening session, the stress didn’t deter me from noticing this young beauty seated on Pastor, my roommate’s bed, she had to be a member of his fellowship. In the usual manner, I put up my cheerful face and smiled while trying to introduce myself politely to her, it went smoothly, the moment passed away just as quickly as it started. I couldn’t wait for her to leave, I had to interrogate pastor, get information and vital points, the universe was smiling at me, I wasn’t going to die old and alone.

After confirming from my roommate if he had any special intentions as to the sister of God who had just exited our abode, his answer gave me enough courage to pursue my dream or dare I say the reality. During the course of her next visits, we got more acquainted, exchanged contacts and got talking. By the time we both knew we had to start meeting alone without the interference of pastor who as I said is my room mate, examinations were in place, the busy schedules and reading time only afforded us the opportunity to meet briefly and talk on phone so I couldn’t have dropped such a big decision on her, besides it would be catastrophic if she turned me down, I was at the final lap and God forbid any slip up in the results department. Exams ended fast and she was at home before I could finish mine, strike didn’t do me good as it lasted almost 7months during which time I was faithful to call and she was to return my calls. It was clear something was between us, something divine, I just had to meet up with her after resumption and profess my love to her.

That brings me to today, she had called earlier and requested to meet me, I was determined today was the D-day, I had to make the move, we met at one of the lecture theatres and just after the normal pleasantries and before she had the time to state her main business of wanting to see me, I dropped the shell “I LOVE YOU, WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?

The look on her face wasn’t something I could readily decipher, more like blood drained from all the veins, she adjusted on her seat and said “you see, that’s why I called you here, errm, Pastor, during the course of the strike said he got a vision and I was in it… he asked me out and I’ve just given him my reply, just before I called you”, I was eager to know what her reply was, my roommate had betrayed me, was it betrayal or a fast one?, he had pulled a fast one on me, what I’m to hear next is the decider, will all the credit, time and emotions I’ve invested into this venture all go into a waste? Will I be heartbroken even without haven had her?… Her phone rang, it was Pastor, she had to pick the call…


17 thoughts on “KNOTTED

  1. Better Luck next time my broda, welcome to the Club… You sabi how church tinz dey always go now…. Once Pastor don see Vision, case closed be that.. But here’s a little tip, since she was seen in the vision by the pastor, shey she sef see pastor for any vision? If not the you could still have a shot it now depends on who wants it most… Nice Piece


  2. Moneylawd, sorry about that…..that was disheartening, so to say.
    But, have it @ the back of your mind that, no matter how unfortunate a guy could be, there is somebody’s love somewhere waiting for him.
    Thumbs up…


  3. Lmao @Aderoke’s ” corner weyrey” post.. @Moneylabi… Sorry bro. u jst got hit below the belt..Perhaps u need turn into a pastor n start having ur own ‘visions’ too..LOL.. Once bitten twice shy u know.. 😦


  4. So touching…. Ohhhh!! So touching… Sorry pal.. You can be eunich… So the girl believe in vision and not love?? What a shallow minded!!!! Don’t give up on calling, try again and make her see the love and not the vision… But Pastor??? I reserve my comment…
    Try and take her out and spend more time with her… Our mind is not ours coz it is control by external force


    1. Abegi…Mr Adeniyi…make hin go dy waste moni again ba?…u b darosha ni…wu tell am say make hin gurk am????ok go ahead den oko iyawo lo fi owo sofo again….#lipsealed#


  5. Oo^ooo00oops……sharp pastor…hin no dull am @al….ta lo ni spiritual fada tooo gorh#…..cum 2 tink of it #mr lover boi#…u tik say ha visits 2 ur rum na play??? Nd u expect ma pastor 2 open up 4 u???hehloooo..wAke up!…it’s 5 0’clock in d morn…Oh boi u don jonnes am…anywys 9ice try…plus 9ice piece…#mi olewaku#


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