In Death, Smile!

As much as the concept of death, yes, you read right, the entire package of death enthralls me and makes me quiver not with the shrill sense of fear, not the chilly feeling you get at the bottom of your stomach but the quiver of pleasure… at this point, you probably think I’m a weirdo right?… we delve further.

Has it ever occurred to you to choose or rather pray for a certain kind of death?, I know most people will choose a quick and painless death although we all know not all of us can be afforded that special luxury. To me, the most sleek way to pass out, yeah, not from alcohol this time, but the Grim Reaper, the Great Beyond, has to be in one’s sleep, you know, one minute you’re asleep having a blessed dream or otherwise, the next in-between minute, the Grim Reaper beckons to you, the funniest part of this is, you can’t already choose to Ignore that call (Like you ignore someone who you’re owing money, attention or responsibility to) and then the next full minute, you’re at the pearly gate… brings me to wonder as I digress from the whole point of this pointless sheet (yes, pun), in death, the body is shed, but in what attire is the soul clothed? Is there some form of pit stop Boutique between heaven and earth that these souls visit before the pearly gate or does the grim reaper itself bring a change of clothes to the souls being reaped, or does the soul just waltz out of the body naked? (I can’t help but wonder how many naked bodies the Reaper itself must have seen), I guess we’ll never know these things or have a first-hand witness tell the story… Anyway, back to the point, death is a constant thing I remind myself of, in pain, joy, happiness, and whatever situation it be, it is the End, probably not the real end as I believe this life is just a stage performance, the curtain is drawn at the end of each performance yet, activities are still on behind the drawn curtains, as fellow spectators, these things that happen on the other end we’ll never know or be able to report to our loved ones. However, the human mind is built with a go-around mechanism, Denial, helps you circumnavigate away from things you can’t explain by issuing out other things you can fathom, explains why most people have fantasies, an escape plan if you wish, but a man or woman has not achieved true and full greatness if he isn’t able to embrace his/her fears, deal with them and accept the unchangeable nature of some static forces. With this it is easier to live life, look the grim reaper in the eyes and say, “Lets Roll My Nigga!”…

I guess the whole point of this is to remind us all of “Death”… LOOOOOOOL… yeah, death is a concept that has come to stay… Be sure to install a free wifi on my tomb, 6ft speaking. Peace Out and Assalamualaikum to my muslim readers, Happy Ramadan.


One thought on “In Death, Smile!

  1. First, I must say your posts on Life Thoughts never fail to ‘pass your messages across in the most light-hearted and humorous way’. Second, I think I speak for most readers when I say, #BringBackTheLostEvidence. We miss the series already. Thanks. [More ink to your pen]


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