Lemons and Lemonade, No Beyoncé

You and I are lemons, Yes, a special kind of Lemon. Life is the juice extractor.

When life serves you lemons, they say make a lemonade but on most days if you’re a Nigerian living in Nigeria, the lemon itself develops a mind of its own and in most cases, has its own plans for you.

You might wonder why this is so, here is a case of how I got robbed.

For about two months and counting, there’s been a widespread plague of economic hardship in the country. Ranging from the low to no electricity supply to the fuel scarcity which has made matters worse, for someone that depends on electricity and a good Internet connection to carry out his work, I’m led to believe my Internet Service Provider is also feeling the brunt of this latest development in the country.

With the background being established, it was a Sunday afternoon and as my area had been blocked and blacked out due to no power supply for about two weeks leaving all including I who by all necessity need access to electricity the only option of the 150-200/litre fuel, I braced up for the queue to get yet another 25 litres jerry can fill for the week ahead, little did I know the Lemon life handed me had several other plans including the loss of my gadgets.

After about 30 minutes of scouting fuel stations who have all decided to remain shut, I found one with the Isrealite’s queue and situated my jerry can right behind the last on the queue, about four hours down the line and after paying a token to access the queue to start with, I got the priced prize, headed home and met the shocker lemon laughing straight in my face.

With my room door slightly opened as if someone had stepped out to take a leak, the hasty realisation dawned on me, there the lemon stood, right in the centre of the room laughing at me.

But they say misery loves company, I wasn’t the only one who suffered the loss as other tenants, students alike were affected.

The thought of holding a candle light procession for our lost properties where we’ll hold hands and sing Kumbaya occurred to me but then, who do I kid if not myself.

This is a Nigerian Living in Nigeria.

Facing the untold hardship of being a citizen of a “Fantastically Corrupt” Nation.

Happy Children’s day kiddies.

Daddy Loves You.


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