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Roses & Thorns

Hi, this is a short one… Can’t say it is a Rant, can’t say it isn’t.

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I’m Nigerian, I’m proud of it, any day, any hour, well, you know what’s next, every darn time. But as much as I love this country and its inhabitants, I’ll love to see it climb to greater heights, I guess that’s what everybody with the love of this nation wants right?…

Nigerians are blessed with brains, but situations around has helped most people channel it towards more evil than good, take note, evil here is subjective as it is actually good to the innovators…Uncle Shege, 2014.

Take for example, an average bike/okada man in his bid to cunningly get intimate with almost, if not all of his female customers raises his motorcycle seat at an angle that favours the rubbing of the female customer’s mammary glands however big or small against him. See, free back massage and they get paid after getting it too.
But nowadays with most of our ladies spotting full blown 5-8 months pregnancy-like tummy, oh well, that’s a topic for another day…

The funniest to me of recent has to be the robbery case that happened around where I stay, I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard someone re-count the story.

Here goes:

Imagine someone shows up naked in your compound, obviously, he/she (-most likely a he-) had scaled your fence through, then sets to work. Who comes to rob another person’s house naked right?… But here’s the icing on the cake; He’s covered in oil, which is a genius way to facilitate his escape to him obviously.

I mean, you’ll chase this guy to a point and just when you feel he’s at arms length… Pssssss… He slides like an iPhone lock away from you… Genius isn’t it?.

No dummy, I’m referring to my iPhone joke.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too…