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Welcome back everybody, in case you’ve not been following this series, you can read THE LOST EVIDENCE Episode 1 Here, Episode 2 Here and Episode 3 Here. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the fourth and final episode.

THE LOST EVIDENCE: Episode 4 [Final]

Onos hung his head in utter disbelief, Gloria had been pacing around, a sense of accomplishment, pity and betrayal surrounding her, she had never known how to hide her emotions and she sure wasn’t about to start knowing now, she was in a way very pleased that it was all finally behind them, the murder involvement. In the past couple of weeks, she had worked tirelessly and effortlessly with the police command handling Onos’ involvement in the murder case following his discharge, she needed to get to the root of the matter, there was a certain sense of accomplishment and pleasure she derived from detective jobs such as this. They had been on phone with the person on the other end of the found blackberry – the deceased lady’s phone – , the chats and call logs preceding the time of death of the victim was a major investigative lead.

****** ******* ******* *******

It was about 2years, some months and some days ago today when Onos being in his normal self didn’t know what and how much the new girl he had just met will change the course of history of two men, himself and the Other man, the man responsible for his murder case involvement. He, Onos had met Gloria back in his university days, it was a rainy day and he had just left class in his new birthday gift courtesy of Dad, a brand new Mercedez C200, there was an air of class and importance attached to whoever drove such amazing ride, adding to this was the fact that his white coloured ride was one of a kind on campus. He had been on the phone with a friend and had carelessly splattered a nearby pool of rain water on a lady, he felt grossly guilty as he parked, alighted and begged her forgiveness offering to take her wherever she lived because clearly, her outfit was ruined for the day, that was the turning point for the trio, Onos, Gloria and the Other man. Onos would later find out that she was in a relationship but that didn’t stop him as he pestered on till she finally gave in, she was that beautiful and amazing, – totally worth fighting for-, it was sure she loved him too, the only detail left out, unknown to Onos was the fact that preceding the day Gloria consented to his relationship offer, she had turned down the other man, –her man’s– marriage proposal and broke things off in cold sweat. He must have felt ridiculously stupid because he couldn’t bring himself to stand up from his proposal stance as Gloria walked out on him, it was indeed painfully crushing, His ego, confidence, love and all that made him humane left with her through the door.

******* ******* ******* *******

He, – the Other man – had been obsessed with her, had laid out his entire future with her featuring in every tiny little details of frame, and suddenly, she felt it nice and comfortable to drift continuously away from him for a period and just when he felt proposal was what was needed to salvage what was left of the crumbling ship, to take the relationship to another level, own her to himself and him only, she turned him down, how could he live without her?, what was his future without her in it, he needed to get her back, and only Onos stood in his way. Silently, Steadily, he had contemplated assassinating the young man, but then, it wouldn’t inflict as much pain and suffering as a life sentence with hard labour, death penalty or killing his family one at a time. He had to inflict as much pain, maybe greater on Onos for being a rival. Finally, with much thinking, he had settled for the option of a life prison sentence and had silently promised himself to visit Onos in prison after he got sentenced, laugh at his woes and taunt him but the paradigm had shifted, shifted so fast due to his carelessness, one little glitch in his plans, one little mistake and all he’d worked for, all he’d put together for two years came crumbling down like a house of cards, alas, it was he who let himself into Onos’ apartment, what started out as a revenge plan which involved strangling the lady with whom he had connived with to meet Onos at the club house, work her way into leaving with him and finally leave his room door open for his safe entrance just after making sure Onos was properly drugged – how was the lady supposed to know she’ll end up getting strangled by her co-plotter and used as a bait?-.

He had left Onos’ room that day in panic for she, the deceased was the first person he’d ever killed, the body had been found, Onos had been put away, but she whom he’s fought to have for a lifetime, Gloria, had been responsible for him being put away for the remainder of his days and as he stood facing the judge as his sentence was being passed, he looked one last time, deeply into Gloria’s eyes, the same look he had on when she had left him on that very night of his proposal, She recognized the look, he was all the more shattered, his condemnation and damnation wasn’t more real at any moment than this as he was walked into the waiting Black Maria by Policemen and Prison guards, the close of the vehicle’s rear doors tore his eyes away from her into an oblivion of darkness, he’ll forever remember her face, her eyes, the look and expression.

Here is where this series ends, Thank you all for reading. I really appreciate the e-mails, messages and calls requesting that I bring the final episode, goes a long way in warming my heart. I’ll be back with something more interesting, hopefully and by God’s grace.

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Welcome back, in case you didn’t get to read the previous episodes, Read Episode 1 here and Episode 2 Here Thank you all for reading.


Gloria -Onos’ girlfriend- had heard what the three friends said on phone, she couldn’t believe it, first, that Onos was cheating on her -well, what was she to expect from a “not-so-long” but yet, long distance relationship-, she sunk into her bed, face in her palms as the emotions came rushing in, she was angry, sad, depressed, sympathetic, all at once, she didn’t know if she was to cry or burst out in a fit of laughter because that served him right, after all, he had in her all he could ever want in a girl but still wasn’t satisfied, foolish testosterone powered men she retorted. She dashed the thought and quickly packed her things in preparation for the next morning’s journey, her heart had suddenly grown a longing for him, she needed to see him, if only this last time, Love they say, conquereth a great multitude of sins.

At some minutes past 4:00 pm the next day, she was already in what was her boyfriend’s room, soon to be an ex-boyfriend anyway, she had to get him some things as he didn’t look good at all, she almost didn’t recognize him, looking through the room and quite amazed at how the Nigerian Police Force worked in a totally different and crude way compared to what she’s seen in movies, no tags of evidence location, even the room wasn’t locked out, no yellow tapes, she sighed and went about inspecting if anything was out of place, Onos’ friends trailed behind her like a tail behind a dog, she knew they all had the guilty face but it was no time to cry over of spilled milk, she was determined to stay with him till the final court hearing, she’ll decide what to do only after then. She needed to get all her remaining belongings that were in his apartment too, looked at the bed and remembered the moments she had shared with him, she felt pain but still loved him, it was quite surprising to her but she couldn’t help it. As they were on getting the needed, she raised the doubled bed and saw a phone, it must have clearly been overlooked by the police officers, yet again, she sighed at such a flimsy and undetailed nature of how these men operated before calling Tunde and others’ attention to what she found.

They were all amazed, the phone didn’t belong to Onos, there was only one explanation, The deceased girl!, but the battery was dead, they couldn’t do much until it was charged. They all pondered on the possibilities, should it be handed over to the police before it was charged or after they had gone through it?, what if it contained something that incriminated their friend the more? – not like there was any greater punishment than death by hanging, firing squad or life imprisonment – but still, they still didn’t believe he did it, it’ll have to take more than a girl dying in his room to convince them that he really did strangle her, on the final decision, they decided to call the Police station where the case was being handled, they’ll be sure to charge and go through it together.

On the day of the hearing, it was their third day in court after almost a month of the strangling-murder mess, they were really worn out, Onos didn’t look as good and in his prime as he always did, he had poverty written boldly all over every inch of his skin, he looked wary as he was walked by the policemen into the courtroom, new evidences had arrived and from what the lawyers had argued, the case was fast shifting from Onos to a third party, the man or woman whose fingerprints made the third on the deceased girl’s body, the one who is a new suspect in the murder case, in light of recent findings by the court as contained in the conversation between the deceased lady and a certain man or woman through exchange of BBM messages, texts and pictures, Onos was set free on bail but to report at the courtroom and at the police station if ever needed during further investigation. It was a mini-victory to have their friend and son back, the prison seemed to have changed a lot about him but not his jovial and funny aspect, he was able to tell the jokes about prison life and everybody laughed.

The final episode to be published soon. Kindly use the comment box to call my attention to errors, make remarks and criticisms, all is welcome. Thanks a great deal for reading and inviting your friends.

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Hi guys, welcome back, in case you missed the first episode of this series, you can read it here . Without much ado, I present to you the second episode in the series, THE LOST EVIDENCE.

It was 05:33 am on Sunday and the three boys were already at the Police station, waiting on the D.P.O. or anybody who cared to attend to them. Once any of the constable asked who they were there for and they mentioned their friend, Onos, he/she’s countenance quickly changed into a dismissive one and with a rather spiteful look, carried on with his or her job, now they have a first-hand experience of what it feels like being a friend or family of an accused, especially in a murder case. Word had been passed to Onos’ parents later the previous night and with their early arrival, one needn’t be a rocket scientist to know they didn’t sleep through the night.

It was the first time the boys got to see Onos’ parents, a rather finely shaped man in his late sixties but polished with wealth, he had managed to keep fresh and look younger, same goes for his light-skinned mother, that explains Onos’ complexion too, with all the worry and fear plastered over the woman’s face, she still looked beautiful, Banji noted this and wished to see more of her despite the situation on ground, he was such a womanizer without shame or reproach. The police officers were quick to attend to these influential people and it was clearly visible that they sympathized, at least, faked sympathy that it was their son who was involved in the unfortunate mess. Continue reading THE LOST EVIDENCE Episode 2



Tunde and Banji had been friends dated back from their second year in the university, they were almost two contrasting characters but shared their similarities, these similarities seemed to have gravitated one towards another. They stayed together throughout their remaining semesters and being friends, worked their service year to the same location. Orientation camp was a really great place where they both picked up two more friends, Onos and Lekan, these two were in similarity to them and they all seemed to get on well, especially when they all got posted to their PPAs which wasn’t too far away from the others, they secured a flat, although in different rooms and lived happily as boys do. Continue reading THE LOST EVIDENCE