Two Sides of a Coin

She thought; “It was almost dark when it happened, and as the day receeded, so my pride, my courage, did. That day took it all away from me, into its darkness.”

He thought; “Love they say makes you do some nasty things, as far as opening up on your darkest secret, I was a fool, I know better now, some things are better left covered up, forgotten, locked away in the innermost chambers of the mind, it broke me, yet again”

It was late in September, a long time ago, I regret that day.

I had noticed a silhouette following me on the lonely path back home, I’d just left my mother’s shop for home to prepare dinner, my brother had gone before me, we always did go home together from mama’s shop every other day but he left earlier today, something about the urgency, I knew Thelma, his girlfriend was the reason.

As I walked the street, a hand grabbed me, shoved me across the roadside, into the nearby bush, my struggles were nothing compared to the strength in his arms, my screams nobody heard, there it happened, in the bush, a roadside, there I lost my pride and glory.

I was there, I dreaded that day, something must have gotten into me, I was returning from Thelma, my girlfriend’s place, I’d caught her making love to another boy, older boy, the rumours I’d heard was true, she hadn’t even let me taste the ‘forbidden fruit’, yet she shared with another boy.

I was mad, something got into me, there was a young girl along the path, how was I to know how innocent she was, in a moment I closed distance between I and her unsuspecting self, the next moment, I shoved her, it was too late now, I defiled her. That broke me, haunted me, I was never the same from then on.

In the spirit of matrimony, two young lovers on their wedding night opened up on their deepest, darkest secret.

On their wedding night, the boy who took her most precious prized possession, who made her a laughing stock, who stole her pride, courage, love, was the one she’d fallen for and married.

But she knew, that love had turned hatred, a fresh brew stronger than ever, this night, after he went to sleep, she’ll pull the plug, blow out the spark from his eyes, douse his fire.

Tick Tock.


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